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UX comes to enterprise software

When you think of computing behemoth IBM, most of us think of lumbering, enterprise computing systems, made to be managed by techies. In fact, enterprise computing generally conjures up images of systems and software with dry interfaces that IT staff need to be thoroughly trained on and vendors need to offer considerable support for.

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And the project goes on…

This week marked the completion of the first year of a long project we are undertaking for Staffcare – a British company that produces software that communicates and configures employee benefits. It is our largest and most complex project to date. We expect to complete it by the end of the month, making it roughly a 12-month project.

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Towards a More Balanced Outsourcing Industry

Over the past four months or so I have come across several pieces of research and also several opinion articles pointing to a growing trend away from farshore destinations in favour of nearshoring. April, Martyn Hart, chairman of the NOA, wrote a blog post about a trend towards onshoring and nearshoring in SME companies.

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